Version 6.52

New version adds several improvements and new features and enhances stability.

New Features and Improvements

  • Allowed to edit custom IDs of elements in Element Browser
  • Added Required Interface element to SysML Block Definition diagram [RQ#317]
  • Added Don't show this again option for Paste dialog [RQ#312]
  • Added clipboard settings for diagram editor
  • Improved graphic notation of constraint property parameter [RQ#293]
  • Added undo/redo for actions in requirement table
  • Added new elements to Profile diagram [RQ#326]
    • Extension
    • Reference
  • Name of component can be vertically centered [RQ#323]
  • Adjusted padding of component [RQ#322]
  • Added copying of elements, diagrams and models between two projects using drag&drop [RQ#320]

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed property nesting [RQ#314]
  • Fixed port pinning [RQ#314]
  • Fixed application crash when rendering grid at small size or minimized
  • Fixed drag and drop of elements between projects - no action, when it is not allowed [RQ#320]
  • Fixed locking source project after using menu Project/Add Existing Diagram
  • Fixed loading of project files from older versions [RQ#319][RQ#321]


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