Improvements and Fixes in Diagram Editor - Software Ideas Modeler 12.32

The new version brings a few improvements and it fixes found bugs for the better diagramming experience.
Software Ideas Modeler - Diagram Editor
Software Ideas Modeler - Diagram Editor

New Features and Improvements

  • Added 'Clear field selection' action
  • Improved UI on/off button rendering

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed attaching connected label to a specific point
  • Fixed missing buttons in the bottom editor message panel for some actions
  • Fixed application crash when trying to insert multiple elements into a container using Add Multiple tool
  • Fixed replacing instance specification attributes instead of adding when using context toolbar button
  • Fixed application crash when adding an operation in Properties dialog with some settings [RQ#1626]
  • Fixed create getter and setter operations for selected attributes in multiple classifiers
  • Fixed deleting pictures from formatted text using delete key and context menu


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