Software Ideas Modeler 12.41 - Improved Stability

The new versions brings a lot of small enhancements and fixes.
Software Ideas Modeler - Diagramming Software
Software Ideas Modeler - Diagramming Software

New Features and Improvements

  • Paste dialog will not be shown for element copied from another project
  • Buttons for features that are not available for particular edition are excluded from Start Page menu
  • Clear Field Selection button will be not offered in the context toolbar if no field is selected
  • Added style selector property to graphic elements (Graphic Editor)
  • Added confirmation dialog in case of overwriting the graphic file
  • Added confirmation dialog in Graphics Editor when trying to close unsaved work
  • Added new wireframing diagrams to classic menu and quick action box
  • Reordered diagram ribbon gallery
  • Added built in style modifiers #BorderFill and #NoFill (graphics)
  • New icons in Graphic Editor

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed including empty (grouping) actions to quick action box
  • Fixed application crash when try to set font size as a non-numeric value
  • Fixed application crash when calculating empty ribbon gallery layout
  • Fixed application crash when displaying recent project dates by other calendars
  • Fixed application crash when try to add a connected element to ERD Chen element that has unconnected relationship
  • Fixed saving default text style for formatted text
  • Fixed importing SVG graphics with transformations to Graphic Editor
  • Fixed executing some actions from quick action box
  • Fixed application crash when trying to export non-diagram stuff using Batch Exporter
  • Fixed file name of existing file in the existing file resolution dialog (Batch Exporter)
  • Fixed application crash when adding an operation without a type using Properties dialog
  • Fixed application crash when saving or exporting to a file locked by another process
  • Fixed other specific application crashes


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