Added JSON to Diagrams and Improved UML Sequence Diagramming - Software Ideas Modeler 12.45

The new version improves diagram editing and introduces new documentation templates. Now you can turn a JSON definition to a diagram. In addition, we have worked on overall stability.
Software Ideas Modeler 12.45
Software Ideas Modeler 12.45

New Features and Improvements

  • JSON Reverse Engineering to UML Class and Object diagrams
  • Added new documentation templates: Glossary and Glossary Table
  • Operations of super classifiers are offered in the combo box for sequence messages (UML Sequence Diagram)
  • Save and Save as buttons moved from the template list panel to the template editor window
  • Added rounding support for UML Decision/Merge, UML Choice, UML N-ary Association, Flowchart Decision and Screen Flow Decision
  • The item for EDMX reverse engineering added to ribbon and menu
  • Improved calculation of combo-box list width in the diagram editor
  • Improved work with UML self sequence messages
  • Improved relationship editing
  • A classifier may be drag&dropped to a lifeline to set it as representation element

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed showing large icons for buttons in the ribbon after turning it to small ones
  • Fixed element layout recalculation after setting another style set
  • Fixed copying operations within the grid in the Properties dialog
  • Fixed application crash when adding attribute or operation at very low zoom
  • Fixed properties duplicating after editing class attributes using the Properties dialog
  • Fixed application crash when converting some elements to another
  • Fixed application crash when setting incorrect value format for Infographic Progress Bar
  • Fixed application crash when setting no interface class in Interface Properties dialog
  • Fixed choosing interface classifier in Interface Properties dialog
  • Fixed application crash when switching to full screen and the sidebar is hidden
  • Fixed application crash when selecting an ERD relationship without multiplicities
  • Fixed application crash when applying funnel layout and no element is selected
  • Fixed application crash when using Copy action when the combo box without selected ext is focused
  • Fixed application crash when confirming Properties dialog with unbound attributes of Instance Specification
  • Fixed application crash when trying to set style to elements after cancelling field selection
  • Fixed instances and models of inserted design patterns
  • Fixed application crash when deleting the content of ERD entity attribute and pressing key up
  • Fixed resetting position of list box in Renumber IDs dialog after moving item down/up [RQ#1628]
  • Fixed application crash when trying to edit an item in an empty decision table
  • Fixed application crash when trying to create a UML Interface or Data Type for a new attribute type


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