UML Sequence Diagramming Further Enhanced - Software Ideas Modeler 12.46

The new version of the diagramming and modeling tool handful of fixes and enhancements.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added support for rounding styling to Requirement element
  • Improved auto snaplines behavior for UML Sequence Diagrams

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed wrong context bar position for some elements (e.g. UML Execution Occurrence)
  • Fixed not showing context bar in some cases
  • Fixed moving vertical line segments of rectangular connectors
  • Fixed application crash when trying to move a segment of unconnected oblique connector vertically or horizontally
  • Fixed deleting nested and associated diagrams in Project Tree sidebar using DELETE key
  • Fixed application crash when adding or selecting sequence message to an activation bar without a lifeline
  • Fixed saving elements imported from XSD and JSON
  • Fixed layout for extension points in UML Use Case
  • Fixed application crash when trying to open Documentation dialog for UML Comment
  • Fixed undoing elements for reverse engineering
  • Fixed missing border of Requirement element
  • Fixed work with UML Recursive Sequence Message [RQ#1629]
  • Fixed application crash when trying to create a folder with an unsupported name using Source Code Generation dialog
  • Fixed icons for the move up and down buttons in Source Code Generation dialog


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