Improved Style Set Editor and Fixes - Software Ideas Modeler 12.48

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler improves Style Set Editor, adds support for .NET Core project format in source code reverse engineering and fixes a lot of issues.
Software Ideas Modeler 12.48
Software Ideas Modeler 12.48

New Features and Improvements

  • New non-modal style set editor [RQ#1608]
  • Style Preview is refreshed when changing style properties
  • Improved style previews in lists, galleries, and panels to include rounding modifier
  • Added support for .NET Core projects in Source Code Reverse Engineering dialog [RQ#1631]
  • Setting a style set to project may be undone

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed incorrect loading of attributes of UML Information Item and UML Artifact
  • Fixed application crash when resizing UI Smartphone element to very small size
  • Fixed application crash when unauthorized access occurs during documentation generation
  • Fixed moving connected UML Lifelines using arrow keys
  • Fixed attaching the loose end of UML Found and Lost Messages after moving it
  • Fixed corrupted layout of connected lifelines after moving it fast in a group
  • Fixed loading changes after activating Element Browser when it is popped out in a separated window
  • Fixed connecting containment relationships in imported package diagrams (Source Code Reverse Engineering)
  • Fixed application crash when trying to import source codes from an unsupported project file
  • Fixed application crash when confirming diagram choice dialog without choosing a diagram for UML Interaction Use
  • Fixed non-working shortcut keys for z-order (CTRL+Page Up/Down)
  • Fixed removing an element from its container
  • Fixed diagram element references of model elements after redoing undone new elements
  • Fixed deleting an element from the repository when it is not used on any diagram but it is referenced as a field
  • Fixed incorrect pasting of rows into the Properties editor grid when the grid is empty
  • Fixed connecting relationship when converting UML class diagram to ER diagram and vice versa


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