Advanced System Analysis - Software Ideas Modeler 12.50

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler introduces three new diagram types: Event Tree Analysis (ETA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Source generation for Protocol Buffer is supported now.
Software Ideas Modeler 12.50
Software Ideas Modeler 12.50

New Features and Improvements

  • Added Event Tree Analysis Diagram [RQ#1490]
  • Added Fault Tree Analysis Diagram [RQ#1490]
  • Added Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Sheet [RQ#1490]
  • Added Protocol Buffer source code generation [RQ#1635]
  • Added new type set - Protocol Buffer
  • Added new template commands: ResetCounter, AddToCounterReserved, GetNextFreeNumber
  • Highlighting entity/class for edited role
  • Added rounding style support for UML Actions, Package, Swimlane, Frame, Comment, Constraint and Artifact
  • Displaying error details if some occurs during reverse engineering from assembly
  • Set default style set may be undone
  • Improved some icons (Paste dialog, free angle arrows)
  • Added setting for default name style for diagram

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed application crash when trying to add an existing diagram to an empty project without any folders
  • Fixed missing Export and Copy items in Diagram menu (Classic Menu interface)
  • Fixed application crash when try to reverse engineering .NET assembly with properties without getter or setter
  • Fixed removing element from container on element selection
  • Fixed copying owner reference
  • Fixed application crash when trying to edit an attribute in Properties dialog after deleting the last attribute
  • Fixed allowing to nest a container to itself
  • Fixed application crash when rendering ERD entity data
  • Fixed focusing existing window instead of the new open project
  • Fixed application crash when inserting elements from Smart Parser sidebar
  • Fixed saving and loading circle line style [RQ#1632]
  • Fixed saving style for attributes of UML Instance Specification [RQ#1632]
  • Fixed application crash when clicking on diagram view without any diagram views during presentation
  • Fixed applying priorities using requirements table [RQ#1633]
  • Fixed list of open windows
  • Fixed application crash in Element Tagged Value grid
  • Fixed restoring element containers after removing delete action
  • Fixed removing elements from container
  • Fixed moving a roadmap dragging by its header
  • Fixed clearing value for direction in operation parameter grid after selecting row
  • Fixed parsing C# source code with attributes for operation parameter
  • Fixed duplicated stereotypes in Stereotypes editor form
  • Fixed inconsistent line breaks [RQ#1634]


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