Diagram settings for showing parts and drawing stars

Version 6.70 offers many interesting improvements. Now you can draw configurable stars and easily set which parts of elements should be displayed for the whole diagram. Also few bugs were fixed.


Program allows to define which parts of elements should be displayed for the whole diagram. Now you don't need to specify these settings for each element. However, each element can override the default diagram settings.

Show Parts in Diagram Properties Dialog

Drawing group in toolbox has a new tool - Star (1). It allows to draw any star you want. You can add or remove points (2) to create any-pointed star. You can also adjust the size of star tips (3).

Drawing Stars

Dialog for adding new style to style set got an improved pair of combo boxes - which allows to easily find the element type you want and to define a special style for it faster.

New style dialog

New features and improvements

  • Added Star drawing tool - allows to draw any kind of star
  • Remembering of project tree filter settings and sorting
  • Added Show Part menu to context menu [RQ#312]
  • Added separate setting for anti-aliasing [RQ#312]
  • Improved dialog for adding of new styles to style set
    • Element types are alphabetically ordered
    • Element types can be filtered by diagram
    • ID of element type displayed in parenthesis after its name
  • Added option for showing sequence number (Communication diagram) [RQ#335]
  • Sequence number can be edited from diagram [RQ#335]
  • Added default settings of showed parts for whole diagram
  • Allowed to show/hide attribute/operation visibility
  • Added reset to default showing of element parts
  • Text from Drawing group has its own style class

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed spaces before and after colon for attributes and operations [RQ#338]
  • Fixed application crash when rendering UI grid with defined columns and without rows
  • Fixed application crash when editing name of lifine [RQ#336]
  • Fixed displaying of long full names with displayed ID a parent name



SplinterX 2 February 2014 16:05:34

anti-aliasing. where is?

Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 2 February 2014 16:07:51


Option for anti-aliasing is available in menu View / Rendering Quality / Anti-Aliasing

SplinterX 2 February 2014 16:43:24


Even HQ is pretty bad.

Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 3 February 2014 21:53:52


Maybe, it is a subjective thing. Here is the shape with anti-aliasing and without anti-aliasing, how it is rendered by Software Ideas Modeler:

Comment Image

It looks alright to me.

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