A Bit Better Diagramming Once Again - Software Ideas Modeler 12.62

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings a bunch of new improvements and fixes which improve the overall diagram creation experience.
Software Ideas Modeler 12.62
Software Ideas Modeler 12.62 - Better Diagramming Experience

New Features and Improvements

  • Change Image button for Image and Tutorial Picture element
  • Improved selection for relationships with very wide lines
  • Improved editing of overlapping labels
  • Improved auto snap lines - preferred distance has higher priority
  • Symbol / for derived attribute is accepted also before visibility symbol

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed broken layout after adding two and more nested create lifelines (UML Sequence Diagram)
  • Fixed undo moving for lifelines (UML Sequence Diagram)
  • Fixed application crash when confirming empty edit box for Chain tool
  • Fixed parsing typedef structures in C++ code reverse engineering
  • Fixed application crash when closing diagram editor tab while navigating in Diagram Navigator sidebar
  • Fixed application crash when undoing for applying field pattern
  • Fixed application crash on startup when running under Mono
  • Fixed application crash when using Freehand Path tool for unconnected relationship
  • Fixed copying UML Activity Parameter Node
  • Fixed missing items in the drop down list of Modifiers button in the ribbon
  • Fixed unclosed tab after deleting FMEA diagram
  • Fixed application crash when trying to parse SQL DDL script with reference to undefined table
  • Fixed application crash when trying to set a style set to a project when no one is open
  • Fixed missing SysML requirements in Requirement List window [RQ#1640]
  • Fixed refreshing the diagram list on print page after reopening it


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