Improved Diagramming for Containers and User Stories - Software Ideas Modeler 12.63

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler introduces a new interesting setting that allows you to pin the container headers and see the name of large containers (lifeline, swimlane, package, etc.) always. There are also a plethora of bug fixes that make the software more stable.
Pin Container Headers
Pin Container Headers

New Features and Improvements

  • Pin container headers setting
  • Element can be dropped over swimlane to set its representation
  • Smart applying orientation (vertical/horizontal) to UML swimlane when inserting it to the diagram using drag&drop
  • Improved JavaScript to diagram
  • Sub user story is created with the same user type as its parent story

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed application crash when trying to delete the first word in line using CTRL+Backspace in edit box with spaces in the beginning
  • Fixed attaching the connector to the exact position on the border while inserting and Reverse direction is set for the connector tool
  • Fixed missing association with concrete attributes in imported ER diagrams from database
  • Fixed missing DROP keyword in SQL DDL syntax highlight
  • Fixed updating ER data model by database
  • Fixed allowed the creation of UML Create sequence message loops (which led to an application crash)
  • Fixed broken layout for sub-user stories
  • Fixed application crash when saving UML Timing Diagram in a specific configuration
  • Fixed moving conditions in the decision table editor
  • Fixed editing on the second click for some fields
  • Fixed wrong position of user story reason immediately after its creation
  • Fixed application crash when double-clicking with the alt key pressed and no element is over the cursor
  • Fixed application crash when trying to delete a field that was already deleted
  • Fixed application crash when trying to generate a SQL DDL script from Chen ERD Diagram
  • Fixed application crash when pasting an element group with a use case to a diagram
  • Fixed some tool button icons
  • Other stability fixes


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