Enhanced Diagram Editor, Easier ERD Association Entity Creation

Software Ideas Modeler 12.64 improves ER, UI, and general diagram editing features. A new type set for MySQL was added to the standard package. Now, you can convert a text element to a formatted text element.
ERD Association Entity - Diagramming
ERD Association Entity Adding

New Features and Improvements

  • Added MySQL type set
  • Convert text to formatted text
  • Added support for moving multiple elements in the project tree using drag&drop
  • Added undo support for the change of default style in the style set
  • Adjust relationship z-order after moving element to a container [RQ#128]
  • Improved moving UI Group Box with nested elements
  • Added Element Conversion button for multiple selected elements
  • Improved placing for ERD association entity
  • Added context bar button for adding ERD association entity

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed copying polygons
  • Fixed application crash for lock and unlock actions when trying to apply it in an offline project
  • Fixed set default style by the selected element [RQ#184]
  • Fixed showing colors from style set palette for fields in Style sidebar
  • Fixed displaying container header for elements without a name
  • Fixed displaying container header for UI Window
  • Fixed auto size of ERD entity with many attributes
  • Fixed executing the last action from quick action box again when confirming the previous action dialog with the ENTER key
Software Ideas Modeler Diagram Editor
Software Ideas Modeler Diagram Editor


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