Version 6.75 with field ordering

New version 6.75 allows to order attributes and operations by name, type and visibility and stereotypes by name. It also fixes found and reported bugs.

Now you can easily sort attributes, operations and stereotypes in your classes. Just right click on a class, from the context menu choose Order, then what you want to order (attributes/operation/stereotypes) and from the last sub menu choose the way you want to order the fields.

Field ordering

New features and improvements

  • Added order options for:
    • Attributes (by name/type/visibility)
    • Operations (by name/type/visibility)
    • Stereotypes
  • Added Diagram/Show Parts menu

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed application crash when using Parser side bar
  • Fixed parsing Java classes which extend generic class or implement generic interface
  • Fixed application crash when clicking on File/Send Email when no project is loaded (now Send Email is disabled when no project is loaded)
  • Fixed application crash when clicking on empty grid
  • Fixed incorect handling of quick search when typing in project tree and a sidebar with list box is displayed



SplinterX 1 February 2014 21:17:42

new version

Di you already know when new version coming? 7 next?

Dusan Rodina - 2 February 2014 14:04:05

RE: new version

There will be yet versions 6.80, 6.85, 6.90 and 6.95 with new features and improvements (and maybe some fix versions).

I estimate the release date for version 7, sometimes in May or June (if everthing goes very well, maybe sooner). However, there will be not so big leap between 6.95 and 7.00 as it was between 5.84 and 6.00. Now I try to bring new features and improvements continuously.

SplinterX 2 February 2014 14:30:11

some of my suggestion will be in 7 only or maybe earlier?

Dusan Rodina - 2 February 2014 15:19:39


Some will be earlier. I try to implement them step by step to be available as soon as possible.

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