Reverse Engineering to ERD, Improved Work with Roadmaps and Grafcet - Version 12.66

Software Ideas Modeler 12.66 improves roadmap editor, Grafcet diagram editing and brings a new option for diagram reverse engineering - ER diagram generation. Editing of state regions (UML State Machine diagram) is now much better.
Roadmap Editor (Software Ideas Modeler 12.66)
Roadmap Editor (Software Ideas Modeler 12.66)

New Features and Improvements

  • Add support for ER diagram generation to Reverse Engineering dialog
  • Improved SQL to UML Class Diagram reverse engineering - primary key is translated as IsID, removing [] from names
  • Added context bar buttons Move Down/Up for Roadmap Partitions
  • Added button for various types of Grafcet actions to the toolbox [RQ#1642]

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed parsing multi-column primary keys from SQL DDL
  • Fixed setting name to Grafcet Action [RQ#1641]
  • Fixed editing Grafcet Action type and constraint using Properties sidebar or dialog
  • Fixed layout after adding/undoing/redoing UML state regions
  • Fixed incorrect setting owner for labels added to roadmap partitions using context bar buttons
  • Fixed layout of nested elements of a nested region when changing a sibling nested region
  • Fixed loading the project file with some Grafcet elements [RQ#1643]


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