Feedback System (UML Sequence Diagram)

This examples shows a UML sequence diagram for a user feedback system.

Sequence Diagram for User Feedback System

The sequence diagram depicts the process of sending user feedback from a feedback module within a feedback system. The user can send positive or negative feedback with additional textual details. The feedback is processed by a feedback server.

The diagram consists of the following lifelines:

  • User
  • Feedback Button
  • Feedback Form
  • Feedback
  • Feedback Server

It includes these sequence messages between the lifelines:

  • Click on a feedback button
  • Open feedback form
  • Choose smiley face for a positive feedback
  • Choose sad face for a negative feedback
  • Enter text for feedback details
  • Build a feedback message
  • Send feedback
  • Feedback sent
  • Dispose of the feedback object

Sequence Diagram Preview

Feedback System (UML Sequence Diagram)
Feedback System (UML Sequence Diagram)

UML Sequence Diagram Concepts

The feedback system example shows an actor lifeline, standard lifelines, a created lifeline (with a create sequence message), alt and opt fragments and a destroy element.

Feedback System (UML Sequence Diagram)

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