UML Diagram Examples

Examples of UML diagrams - class diagrams, use case diagrams, activity diagrams, state machine diagrams and other.

Use Case

Examples of UML use case diagrams. User requirements for various systems modeled using use cases. You can download a SIMP file for each use case example.

Class Diagrams

You can find here examples of UML class diagrams for systems from various domains. Each class diagram example can be downloaded as a SIMP file.

Activity Diagrams

Examples of various processes depicted in activity diagrams. Each activity diagram example is also available as a SIMP file to download.

Sequence Diagrams

Various examples of UML sequence diagrams. Each sequence diagram example is available as an image and also as SIMP file which you can edit in the SIM diagram editor.

State Machine

Various state machine diagram examples and templates to download. The diagrams show the states and transitions between them for various modeled systems.

Asynchronous Processes using UML Activity Diagrams

In modern software development, understanding the intricacies of asynchronous processing is vital for designing systems that are efficient, responsive, and scalable. UML activity diagrams allow to visualize the workflow of asynchronous processes. These diagrams can help to trace the flow of control and data through various system components also in parallel executions.

Employee Onboarding Workflow (UML Activity Diagram)

Onboarding a new employee can be a complex process, involving multiple teams and departments within an organization. A swimlane diagram can be a helpful tool to visualize and analyze the workflow and identify areas for improvement.

Banking System (UML Deployment Diagram)

This UML deployment diagram example shows the various components and nodes that make up a bank's system.

User Login (UML State Machine Diagram)

In this article, we will discuss the design of a state machine diagram for a login process. We will define the various states that a user can be in during the login process, as well as the transitions between those states.

Online Shopping (UML Sequence Diagram)

This UML sequence diagram example shows the process of an online shopping transaction, involving the Customer, Shopping website, Payment gateway, and Shipping company.

Pharmacy Process Flow (UML Activity Diagram)

The example UML activity diagram for a pharmacy outlines the steps involved in filling a prescription and completing the transaction with a patient.

Bank System Diagram

This UML class diagram shows an example of a bank system model.

Purchase N-ary Example (UML Class Diagram)

The diagram shows an example of a purchase model in the store's cash register software. It utilizes the UML n-ary association element.

Medical Examination (N-ary Association Example)

The UML class diagram example shows the entities needed for the medical examination model. The example shows usage of n-ary association.

Exam Registration System (UML State Machine Diagram)

The state machine diagram shows the states of students' enrollment to an exam at a university using an exam registration system.

Car Rental System (UML Activity Diagram)

The activity diagram depicts the process of renting a car by a client from the car rental system.

Debit Card Payment (UML Composite Structure Diagram)

The example shows a UML composite structure diagram with collaboration and its binding roles for modeled objects during processing a debit card payment.

Microwave States (UML State Machine Diagram)

The UML state machine diagram describes the operation of a microwave oven in terms of various states and transitions between them.

Hospital Management System (UML Diagrams)

The example project models a hospital management system using UML use case, class and sequence diagrams.

Vending Machine (UML Sequence Diagram)

A UML sequence diagram example that shows the process of buying a drink by a customer and making it by a vending machine.

Taxi Booking System (UML Sequence Diagram)

An example of a UML sequence diagram for a taxi booking system. It shows interactions between customers, taxi drivers, apps, and the taxi system server.

Billing System (UML Component Diagram)

Modules of a billing system depicted on a UML component diagram. The example diagram shows the high-level architecture of the billing system.

Air Conditioner (UML State Machine Diagram)

An example of a UML state machine diagram that describes states of an air conditioner and the transitions between them.

Report Generation System (UML Sequence Diagram)

This example of a UML sequence diagram shows the behavior of a report generation system.

Application Architecture Diagram (UML Component Diagram)

Three-tier application architecture is depicted on a UML component diagram.

E-shop - Online Shopping (UML Communication Diagram)

An example of a UML communication diagram for online shopping in an e-shop. It shows the interactions between the e-shop modules in the form of numbered messages that they exchange with each other.

Chatbot (UML Component Diagram)

A UML component diagram for a chatbot. The example shows a messenger chatbot architecture using components, nested components, and provided and required interfaces.

E-commerce Microservices (UML Deployment Diagram)

A deployment diagram for e-commerce microservices. The example shows nodes within e-commerce system architecture, the deployed components, and the REST API interfaces.

Feedback System (UML Sequence Diagram)

This examples shows a UML sequence diagram for a user feedback system.

Shopping Cart (UML Sequence Diagram)

An example of a UML sequence diagram for shopping cart processing. It shows the user manipulation with a shopping cart in an e-shop.

Elevator System (UML State Machine Diagram)

An example of a UML state machine diagram for an elevator. The statechart shows various states of an elevator and the transitions between them.

User Registration (UML Sequence Diagram)

A UML sequence diagram for the user registration process. This example depicts how a user interacts with a sign-up form.

Login Module (UML Sequence Diagram)

A UML sequence diagram example for a login module. It shows how a user login is handled by an authentication system.

Library Management System (UML Class Diagram)

The example describes a library management system domain model using a UML class diagram.

Email Client - Mark All as Read (UML Activity Diagram)

A UML activity diagram example that depicts a for-each loop using an expansion region element. The example shows the algorithm of marking all email messages as read.

Haematopoiesis - Immune System (UML Class Diagram)

An example of generalizations in UML class diagram. The class diagram shows haematopoiesis of the human immune system. The diagram shows an example of UML inheritance.

Nervous System (UML Class Diagram)

Example of class composition in UML class diagram. The class diagram shows the human nervous system.

ATM Withdrawal - UML Sequence Diagram for Withdrawing Money from ATM

An example of the sequence diagram for withdrawing money from ATM using 3 lifelines.

Car States (UML State Machine Diagram)

An example of a UML state machine diagram for a car. It depicts the states for an engine off and on. The states as park, neutral, drive and reverse are part of the composite state engine on.

Life Insurance System (UML Diagrams)

The UML diagrams describe a life insurance system. The life insurance system registers clients and supports insurance processes. The actors and their interactions with the system are modeled using a use case diagram. The project describes these insurance processes using UML activity diagrams - new client registration for insurance, insurance claim, and insurance premium collection.

Spaceflight Phases State Machine Diagram (UML Example)

A UML state machine diagram that depicts the particular phases of a spaceflight.

Command Stack (Diagram)

The executed commands may be stored in a stack to provide undo and redo functionality. These diagrams show the structure and behavior of a command stack.

Logger (Model of Extensible Logging Module)

Proper logs are essential for long-term system administration. A good logging module should be extensible, configurable and easy to use. This example model may be a good starting point for your solution. It allows you to dynamically change the outputs for the logs and log to multiple targets at once.

DMS - Document Management System (Project, Diagrams)

This example project shows the design of a document management system (DMS) including its use cases and object structure.

Decorator Design Pattern (UML Diagrams)

The decorator pattern is a design pattern that allows behavior to be added to an object, dynamically, without affecting the behavior of other objects from the same class.

Linked Lists (UML Class Diagrams)

Linked list and doubly linked list data structures depicted in UML diagrams.

Adapter Design Pattern (UML Class Diagram)

If you want to make existing code work with another existing code without modifying any of the existing interfaces you can use Adapter design pattern.

Restaurant Orders (UML Class Diagram)

A diagram of classes in Restaurant Order System. An example of UML Class diagram.

Restaurant Orders (UML Use Case Diagram)

A diagram with use cases for Restaurant Order System. An example of UML Use Case diagram.

Book Reading Lifecycle (UML State Machine Diagram)

A lifecycle of reading a book depicted in a statechart.

Computer (UML Composite Structure Diagram)

Processor, memory, motherboard, hard disk, power supply unit - the structure of computer hardware described in UML composite structure diagram.

Hotel Room Booking System Use Cases (UML Use Case Diagram)

Example of use case diagram. A part of Hotel Room Booking System series.

UML Class Diagram Overview (UML Class Diagram)

Example of UML class diagram with various element types.