E-commerce Microservices (UML Deployment Diagram)

A deployment diagram for e-commerce microservices. The example shows nodes within e-commerce system architecture, the deployed components, and the REST API interfaces.

Deployment Diagram for E-commerce Microservices Architecture

The UML deployment diagram depicts a microservices architecture for an e-commerce system. There are individual services for individual e-commerce modules that communicate via REST API. The web application uses a gateway service to access other microservices. The smartphone app is connected to a mobile API gateway module that provides communication with other services.

E-commerce Microservices Architecture (UML Deployment Diagram)
E-commerce Microservices Architecture (UML Deployment Diagram)

The diagram includes the following nodes:

  • Computer
    • Web Browser
  • Smartphone
  • Bank Server
  • Product Server
  • Courier Server

There are these e-commerce components deployed on the nodes:

  • Ecommerce App
  • Ecommerce Client Module
  • Invoicing Service
  • Payment Gateway
  • API Server
  • API Gateway Service
  • Product Catalog
  • Currency Exchange Rate Service
  • Shipping Service
  • Mobile API Gateway Module
  • Product Database
  • Invoice Database

The diagram also contains the artifact elements:

  • Scripts
  • Styles

Download E-commerce Microservices Deployment Diagram

E-commerce Microservices Architecture (UML Deployment Diagram)


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