Chatbot (UML Component Diagram)

A UML component diagram for a chatbot. The example shows a messenger chatbot architecture using components, nested components, and provided and required interfaces.

UML Component Diagram for Chatbot

The component diagram describes a chatbot using various components, nested components, required and provided interfaces. The interfaces show how the components communicate with each other. The modeled chatbot identifies entities and intent in a user message and forms a response based on knowledge represented by templates. A response can be a text message and sometimes also an action.

Chatbot (UML Component Diagram)
Chatbot (UML Component Diagram)


  • Messenger
  • Chatbot Server
  • Chatbot
  • Intent Classificator
  • Knowledge Base
  • Classificator Trainer
  • Entity Classificator
  • Response Generator
  • Action Processor

Provided Interfaces

  • Action API
  • Message API
  • Templates
  • Text Response
  • Intent
  • Entities
  • Action
  • User Message
  • Knowledge


  • Templates

Download Chatbot Component Diagram

Chatbot (UML Component Diagram)


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