Improved ERD Editor, Element Browser and UML Communication Diagram in v.12.73

Software Ideas Modeler 12.73 further improves work with relationships and diagram editor. It brings useful features to ERD editor, Element Browser, and enhances the UML Communication Diagram and BPMN Diagrams.
ERD Editor and New Buttons - Software Ideas Modeler 12.73
ERD Editor and New Buttons - Software Ideas Modeler 12.73

New Features and Improvements

  • Added Usage column to the Element Browser [RQ#1648]
  • Added support for selection and delete of multiple fields in Field Browser [RQ#1648]
  • Added new context buttons for ERD entities and ERD attributes to ribbon
  • Improved work with relationships
  • Buttons in the Model context tab group are displayed selectively for the specific element
  • Improved displayed texts for BPMN events
  • Adjusted rule for displaying pinned header for UML components
  • Improved interface positioning when adding a new interface for a port
  • Preserving control points after changing line style to rectangular
  • Sequence message expressions included to a text copy of the element
  • Sequence expressions (UML communication diagram) can be deleted from diagram editor

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed inserting elements to a container when using dragging for bounds specification method
  • Fixed Delete All Unreferenced Elements to not delete referenced elements that are not directly used on the diagram
  • Fixed resolving generic interface implementation for a class in Java reverse engineering
  • Fixed communication message connector rendering for other than oblique and straight styles
  • Fixed clicking context bar button when it is over an indicator icon
  • Fixed application crash when using Make Same Regions for an empty container
  • Fixed application crash when trying to edit or delete a language in template editor when nothing is selected


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