Burger Restaurant (BPMN Diagram)

A BPMN diagram of a burger restaurant process. It depicts how the restaurant handles a customer's order.

BPMN Diagram for Burger Restaurant

The BPMN software allows you to model processes in your business field. This BPMN diagram example shows the process of order processing in a burger restaurant. Customers can choose and order a burger by their preferences. The restaurant staff processes the order - accepts a payment, grills the meat, assembles the burger, and delivers the final product - the burger to the customer.

Burger Restaurant (BPMN Diagram)
Burger Restaurant (BPMN Diagram)

Burger Restaurant Process Participants

The diagram shows these participants in the process:

  • Customer
  • Burger Restaurant
    • Cashier
    • Cook
    • Dispensing

Burger Restaurant Process

The order process in the burger restaurant consists of the following steps:

  • Hungry for Good Burger
  • Choose a Burger
  • Enter an Order
  • Request Payment
  • Choose Payment Type
  • Pay with Card
  • Pay with Cash
  • Store Money in the Cash Drawer
  • Activate Payment Terminal (POS)
  • Pass the Bill to Customer
  • Bill with an order number (Message)
  • Grill a Burger
  • Turn the Burger Over
  • Place Meat to Bun and Complete by Recipe
  • Pack the Burger to Paper
  • Notify the Order Complete
  • Order Completion Notification (Event)
  • Ask for Burger
  • Check Order Number on Customer Bill
  • Hand Over the Package
  • Eat the Burger

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Burger Restaurant (BPMN Diagram)


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