Software Ideas Modeler 12.79 - Improved Stability

The new Software Ideas Modeler further improves stability through several fixes. This release corrects nine issues and brings two minor improvements.
Software Ideas Modeler 12.79
Software Ideas Modeler 12.79

New Features and Improvements

  • Added warning when diagram background style is changed and diagram paper is hidden [RQ#1653]
  • Added option to proceed in diagram batch export even when the folder seems to be inaccessible [RQ#1654]

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed some missing localization strings
  • Fixed text color of group headers in Style sidebar
  • Fixed rendering of inclined gloss
  • Fixed application crash when trying to delete a scripted template
  • Fixed application crash when using incorporate new element for some relation types
  • Fixed refreshing list of type sets after adding a new type set and reopening the type set dialog [RQ#1652]
  • Fixed application crash when converting SysML Block element to some other element types
  • Fixed loading UML Artifact and UML Data Type
  • Fixed application crash when adding alternate style to a field style


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