Software Ideas Modeler 12.80 - Improved Diagramming and JavaScript + JS Doc Generation

The new version includes a new JavaScript code template with JS Doc support. IDEF1X Entity-relationship diagram supports dependant entities now. There are small improvements in relationship end locking and UML diagram rendering.
Software Ideas Modeler 12.80 - Improved IDEF1X Diagram
Software Ideas Modeler 12.80 - Improved IDEF1X Diagram

New Features and Improvements

  • Added a new JavaScript source code generation template for JS + JSDoc
  • Added support for dependant IDEF1X entity (a new context menu command and a new property to properties panel)
  • Improved lock to fields handling
  • Improved UML Artifact rendering
  • Current style is also applied to the UML Component icon

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed loading and saving UML Join parameters
  • Fixed numbering of numbered lists in formatted text
  • Fixed canceling highlighting for found elements
  • Fixed application crash when trying to save undefined documentation template
  • Fixed allowed usage of an empty directory in the Batch Export dialog
  • Fixed conversion of UML Instance Specification
  • Fixed thumbnail rendering in folder overview, diagram tab preview, and diagram navigator on high DPI screens
  • Fixed SysML Block ports, parts, and references resolving
  • Fixed incorrect conversion to BPMN Event
  • Fixed wrong bounds of element groups with UML communication messages


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