Other Print Improvements and Better Overall Stability - Software Ideas Modeler 12.92

The new Software Ideas Modeler brings other improvements to printing. You can omit the empty pages from the printed output now. The overal stability was improved once again by fixing other issues in various part of the software.
Software Ideas Modeler 12.92
Software Ideas Modeler 12.92

New Feature and Improvements

  • Added a new option 'Include empty pages' to the print page settings
  • Added units to print page
  • Improved paging (any page is not needed for overflowing shadows)
  • Improved print preview rendering speed
  • Page orientation is preserved after changing the paper size (Diagram/Page Setup)

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed setting of print margins
  • Fixed printing of auto-expanded diagrams
  • Fixed printing texts
  • Fixed saving end date of sprints in User Story map
  • Fixed allowed adding elements to the model navigator
  • Fixed application crash when trying to duplicate a nested diagram
  • Fixed deleting nested diagram using the tab context menu
  • Fixed application crash when trying to search by incorrect regex pattern
  • Fixed rendering SysML block when there are multiple instances


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