Software Ideas Modeler 12.93 - Better ERD, Connection Strings and Server Synchronization

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler improves entity-relationship diagram, connection strings handling, and synchronization with Software Ideas Server.

Feature Highlights

Connection Strings

Now you can turn off auto-saving of connection strings that are entered in the Database Import dialog. Connection Strings Manager allows you to protect your passwords that are saved as encrypted strings.
Connection Strings - Protected Password
Connection Strings - Protected Password

ERD Entity

The new version allows you to show tagged values for entities in Entity-Relationship Diagram. The tagged values can contain table schema and other useful metadata.
ERD entity - table name and schema as tagged values
ERD entity - table name and schema as tagged values

New Feature and Improvements

  • Added new Protect password settings for connection strings (Connection String Manager)
  • New setting Autosave connection strings
  • New setting Always prompt at startup for Software Ideas Server credentials input
  • New setting for custom base data path for Portable edition
  • Added support for displaying tagged values of ERD entities in the diagram
  • Added Info tab to Software Ideas Server Management console

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed working under Only Server connection setting
  • Fixed choosing a specific folder (a folder without any other files but with other nested folders) as a saving target in Server Repository Browser
  • Fixed ribbon font on some system configurations
  • Fixed application crash when editing user rights in Software Ideas Server Management console
  • Fixed server synchronization problem for specific changes
  • Fixed server synchronization problem after importing diagrams from another project


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