Software Ideas Modeler 13.01 - Rotation and Other Fixes

The new version fixes issues mainly regarding rotation and IDEF1X diagrams.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added support for styling to IDEF1X entity attributes
  • File name in the Save pane (in File menu) can be confirmed using the ENTER key
  • Fixed name position for NSD Condition element
  • Fixed text rendering by incorrect style in Task Table (Gantt Chart)
  • Fixed application crash when importing source code
  • Fixed auto-size for elements with hidden field tagged values
  • Fixed rotation of content of non-simple container layout
  • Fixed hit test for the rotated elements
  • Fixed selection bounds for class with template parameters
  • Fixed rotation of grouped elements after changing the location of the group
  • Fixed rotation of grouped element using Rotation commands from the ribbon
  • Fixed editing IDEF1X attributes in the diagram editor
  • Fixed showing Options dialog on the specific tab for some actions (Server login, etc.)
  • Fixed text areas for some settings to more appropriate text fields
  • Fixed application crash when trying to save the open project to a file with an invalid name
  • Fixed auto-size of unnamed containers


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