Improved User Interface Diagram and Synchronization to SI Server - Software Ideas Modeler 13.03

The new version brings small improvements to user interface diagrams, improves the Field context tab in the ribbon and fixes the found bugs.
Improved User Interface Diagram in Software Ideas Modeler 13.03
Improved User Interface Diagram in Software Ideas Modeler 13.03


  • Added support for various caption types to UI Grid, UI Group Box and UI Label
  • Improved rendering title bar in UI Web Browser element
  • Improved specialization of the Field ribbon tab

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed reverse relationship for connectors with multiple control points
  • Fixed resizing last column in UI Grid
  • Fixed resizing columns in UI Grid when Snap to Grid is enabled
  • Fixed saving UI Grid layout to Software Ideas Server
  • Fixed showing context menu for plus button in Folder Overview window (which led to crashes when using the menu options)
  • Fixed displaying bit version in the About pane
  • Fixed saving images to Software Ideas Server for Only Server mode
  • Fixed adding a connector between two containers with nested elements
  • Fixed synchronizing changes of tagged values to Software Ideas Server
  • Fixed crash after trying to undo the deletion of the project documentation
  • Fixed application crash when trying to start an empty presentation


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