Car Rental System (UML Activity Diagram)

The activity diagram depicts the process of renting a car by a client from the car rental system.

There are three UML swimlanes:

  • Client - represents a client who wants to rent a car.
  • Car Rental System - represents an information system of a car rental company.
  • Car Rental Worker - represents a car rental representative who offers cars for rent.
Activity Diagram for Car Rental System
Activity Diagram for Car Rental System

The activity diagram for car rental system shows the flow of the following actions:

  • Request a car
  • Show the catalog of car models
  • Choose a car
  • Check availability
    • Available
    • Unavailable
  • Wait (if unavailable)
  • Show price (if available)
    • Agree
    • Disagree
  • Confirm request (if agreed)
  • Check client's driver's license
    • Valid
    • Invalid
  • Deduct payment & deposit from the client's credit card
    • Failed
    • Successful
  • Register the car as rented
  • Hand over the car
  • Drive the car
  • Return the car
  • Check the car
    • Is damaged
    • Is intact
  • Pay the damage from the deposit (if damaged)
  • Register the car as not rented (if intact)
  • Return the rest of the deposit

The activity diagram describes how the client chooses a car, what is required from the client, and when the car is rented and returned to the company. The diagram depicts when the payment is deducted from the client's card and what happens when the car is returned damaged.

If the driver's license is not valid, or the credit card payment is not successful, the rental system refuses to provide the car for a rental.

Download Activity Diagram for Car Rental System

Car Rental System (UML Activity Diagram)


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