Properties Sidebar

The Properties sidebar is invaluable for detailed management of diagram elements. Whether you’re adjusting the size of a class in a UML diagram, changing the position of a process in a flowchart, or modifying the properties of any diagram element, this sidebar provides a centralized and accessible platform for all your property management needs.

Accessing the Properties Sidebar

You can open the Properties sidebar in several ways:

  • Sidebar Header Bar: Click the "Properties" button located in the sidebar header bar.
  • Ribbon: Navigate through the ribbon by selecting View → Windows → Sidebars → Properties
  • Classic Menu: Choose View → Sidebars → Properties
  • Quick Action Box: Type 'Properties' into the quick action box for direct access.

Features of the Properties Sidebar

The Properties sidebar is equipped with several features for property management:

  • Show Dialog Button: Located at the top bar, this single button opens the Properties dialog, which displays all properties and parameters of the selected element in detail.
  • Property Boxes: Below the top bar, the sidebar contains various boxes for specific properties:
    • ID: Displays the unique identifier of the selected element.
    • Name: Allows you to view and edit the name of the element.
    • X and Y: These fields show the X and Y coordinates of the element within the diagram, enabling precise positioning.
    • Width and Height: Adjust the size dimensions of the selected element.
    • List of (Simple) Properties: This section includes other specific properties like visibility, hyperlink, abstract, root, leaf, etc. Each property can be viewed and modified as needed.

Real-Time Application

Any changes made in the Properties sidebar are immediately applied to the selected element in the diagram editor. This allows for quick and efficient modifications.

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