Project Tree Sidebar

The Project Tree sidebar is an essential tool for navigating a project's folders, diagrams, and elements. It enables users to add, move, organize, or delete items within a project efficiently.

Parser Sidebar

Parser sidebar allows you to easily turn your source code into diagram elements.

Data Sources Sidebar

The Data Sources Sidebar in Software Ideas Modeler is a dedicated pane providing a user-friendly interface for managing data sources and their bindings within your project. It serves as a central hub where you can add, modify, and process data sources and establish connections between data sources and modeling elements in your projects.

Properties Sidebar

The Properties sidebar is invaluable for detailed management of diagram elements. Whether you’re adjusting the size of a class in a UML diagram, changing the position of a process in a flowchart, or modifying the properties of any diagram element, this sidebar provides a centralized and accessible platform for all your property management needs.

Styles Sidebar

Styles sidebar contains the list with defined styles and buttons which allow to work with the current style set and its styles.

Generation Sidebar

The generation sidebar helps you with source code generation in various languages. You can generate source code for the current diagram or the selected elements.

Fast Editor Sidebar

The Fast editor allows you to textually edit the selected element - adjust its name, stereotypes, attributes, operations, etc.

Style Sidebar

The Style sidebar is an effective tool for customizing the aesthetics of your diagrams.

Documentation Sidebar

The Documentation sidebar is an essential tool for creating and managing documentation for various elements within your project. This tutorial will guide you through accessing and utilizing the sidebar effectively.

Layers Sidebar

Layers sidebar allows you to add, remove and reorder the layers of diagram. Each diagram can be divided in multiple layers, which can be easily shown or hidden.

To-Do Sidebar

To-Do sidebar allows you to add, manage and organize your to-do tasks in a simple list. These tasks are assigned to the current project.

Design Patterns Sidebar

Design Patterns sidebar allows you to create your custom design patterns from selected elements in the diagram or to apply existing design patterns from the list.

Field Patterns Sidebar

Field Patterns sidebar allows you to apply existing field patterns to elements, add new custom field patterns or delete the existing ones.

Parser Sidebar

Parser sidebar allows you to easily turn your source code into diagram elements.

Graphics Sidebar

Graphics sidebar contains the list of shapes you can add to the diagram using drag and drop.

Cooperation Sidebar

Cooperation sidebar allows you to work with the list of persons and to filter the content of the active diagram.

Preview Sidebar

Preview sidebar displays a thumbnail of the active diagram and it highlights the current viewing area with the semitransparent rectangle.