Improved Stability and User Interface for High DPI in Software Ideas Modeler 13.42

Some parts of the application user interface did not work correctly with higher DPI settings. The new version fixes that as well as some unexpected behaviors and crashes. You can find the details in the released notes.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved header design of collapsed ribbon
  • Fixed application crash when parsing source code using the Parser sidebar
  • Fixed UML Package header layout
  • Fixed relationship handling in non-simple container layout
  • Fixed calculation of cell bounds in table container layout
  • Fixed menu and toolbars order for higher DPI
  • Fixed small icon size after switching between different GUI styles for higher DPI
Software Ideas Modeler 13.42
Software Ideas Modeler 13.42

You can find more information about new features in Software Ideas Modeler 13.40 here.


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