Better Dark Mode and Optimized GUI in Software Ideas Modeler 13.60

Software Ideas Modeler 13.60 brings evolutionary changes to its user interface. Dark mode is optimized through the application.

You can enable the dark mode using the setting Dark Mode available in the Options. You can access it from the ribbon File/Options (or the classic menu Tools/Options) and then in the General tab in the GUI Style group.

Software Ideas Modeler in Dark Mode
Software Ideas Modeler in Dark Mode

New Features and Improvements

  • Major upgrade of dark mode
  • Added a new tab Parts to the Element Properties dialog
  • Auto hiding scrollbar in the diagram menu
  • Improved Generation sidebar layout
  • Improved user interface of Stereotypes, Tagged Values, and Default Values dialog
  • Added confirmation message box for the task editor with unsaved changes
  • Added element icons to the reference combo boxes
  • Adding new types from reverse engineered code to the custom types list
  • Hiding inapplicable items from the Show Parts submenu

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed undoable auto-resize action
  • Fixed auto-scrolling during the right mouse button scrolling
  • Fixed displaying checks for items in the Show Parts submenu
  • Fixed setting colors in the documentation box using toolbar buttons
  • Fixed drop-down opening direction in the sidebars for multiple screen configurations
  • Fixed unexpected container resizing
  • Fixed rendering of various controls (tab control, stereotype picker)
  • Fixed high DPI rendering for some controls (quick action box, status bar)
  • Fixed setting type identifier of style
  • Fixed application crash when showing Windows dialog with the list of opened windows and there is a window without an icon
  • Fixed blinking when switching between window tabs, sidebar panels, and tabs in tab controls
  • Fixed application crash when trying to set working schedule for a person
  • Fixed saving properties of association end roles of copied association
  • Fixed model navigation's overview diagram centering on high DPIs
  • Fixed editing use case parameters in the Use Cases window
  • Fixed Reset part visibility to defaults
  • Fixed updating task management window after adding new tasks
  • Fixed setting new instances to element properties (e.g. Class Behavior)
  • Fixed sorting attributes and operations by type in the Properties dialog grid
  • Fixed parsing generic types with multiple parameters


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