Object Pascal Types and New Protocol Buffer Template - Software Ideas Modeler 13.65

The new Software Ideas Modeler comes with a new Object Pascal type set and Protocol Buffer template. The user interface was slightly enhanced. You can notice that opening projects with many open tabs is very quick now. The stability of the application was further improved especially for long runs.
Software Ideas Modeler 13.65
Software Ideas Modeler 13.65

New Features and Improvements

  • Added a new type set for Object Pascal
  • Added new Protocol Buffer template 'Request Response Type'
  • Added timestamp type to Protocol Buffer type set
  • Improved reverse engineering to resolve generic types as structured generic type definitions
  • Faster project opening even when restoring recently open tabs
  • Better icon for type items in the Types gallery
  • Improved user interface of the Types window
  • Minor look and feel improvements

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed large scroll with a scrollbar for negative positions
  • Fixed application crash when trying to move sidebar panel to a separate window
  • Fixed adjusting style of fields with applied style class
  • Fixed application crash when trying to edit the unavailable parameter for the selected type
  • Fixed handle leaks that cause application crash after some time


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