Size Label for UI Elements (Wireframing)

The Size Label is a useful element in user interface design. It allows you to show the size (in pixels) of the associated element.

The tool for the Size Label element is available in the User Interface Diagram, Mobile App Diagram, and Web Page Diagram toolbox.

To add a size label to your diagram, just drag the tool from the toolbox and drop it over the desired location in your diagram.

Size Label Creation
Size Label Creation

The size label shows the width and height of an element or the parent diagram by the following rules:

  • 1. If the size label is connected to an element using a connector, the size of the connecting element is displayed in the size label.
  • 2. If the size label is not connected to any element, it shows the size of the parent container of the label.
  • 3. If the label is not placed in any container, it shows the size of the parent diagram.

The size label shows the size in the following format: {width} x {height} px.

The size label can also be added using the context bar for the selected user interface diagram element. Using the context bar action, you can easily add a connected size label.

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