Improved Chart Editing - Software Ideas Modeler 13.81

Software Ideas Modeler 13.81 improves chart editing and fixes various issues in source code generation.
Chart editing improvements
Chart editing improvements

New Features and Improvements

  • Added support for chart data editing in the fast editor
  • Improved conversion between data summary elements (various kinds of charts)
  • Data items can be removed using the context menu in the diagram editor from a chart
  • Added Size Label element to the Mobile App Diagram and Web Page Diagram toolbox

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed application crash when trying to set values out of range to style properties
  • Fixed WPF XAML template to include nested elements of tab controls
  • Fixed application crash when trying to delete the comment in the Cooperation tab (Properties dialog)
  • Fixed excluding elements that have their model defined in another repository than their parent diagram from the diagram template
  • Fixed navigation between active template fields during editing in the diagram editor
  • Fixed showing the hidden sidebar (sometimes it was needed to use the open action twice)
  • Fixed various bugs in JSON schema generation
  • Fixed hover effect for the last connector point


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