Improved Open API and Data Modeling in Software Ideas Modeler 13.85

Software Ideas Modeler 13.85 includes various improvements in data modeling and Open API diagramming. The layout of the Properties dialog is more consistent - the edit boxes and fields are aligned better.

Export Image - Maintain Aspect Ratio

Export Image dialog and its new option - maintain the aspect ratio
Export Image dialog and its new option - maintain the aspect ratio

Deploy Model Changes to Database

Deploy data model changes to database
Deploy data model changes to database

New Features and Improvements

  • Added custom tool groups to the toolbox
  • Added reverse engineering for Protocol Buffer definition
  • Added support for receptions to UML classes
  • Added support for solution files (SLN) in source code reverse engineering dialog
  • Added default value constraint name field to ERD entity attribute
  • Improved SQL DDL parser - added support for column constraints
  • Added support for tagged values to ERD Entity Attribute
  • Added Change Status column to the Element Browser
  • Changes window can be opened multiple times for various elements
  • Added Maintain aspect ratio option to the Image Export dialog
  • Better syntax highlight colors for dark mode
  • Improved field layout in the Properties dialog
  • Added support for indexes reverse engineering from MS SQL Server databases
  • Added a new parameter to ERD Entity Index Attribute - Is Non-Key
  • Data items for chart elements can be moved up/down using the context menu in the diagram editor
  • Improved work with Hierarchical Task Analysis diagram
  • Get, Post, Put, Delete, and other Open API diagram elements are automatically created with request and response ports

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed opening the first diagram editor tab in some scenarios
  • Fixed Protocol Buffer source code generation
  • Fixed application crash when trying to move a stereotype up in the list and no stereotype is selected
  • Fixed editing issues in the Connection Strings dialog
  • Fixed element name change tracking
  • Fixed choosing an element using the Choose button in Tracked Changes window
  • Fixed SQL DDL change script generation
  • Fixed incorrect application of dark theme for some components
  • Fixed incorrect positions of diagram link buttons for fields in the zoomed diagram editor
  • Fixed resizing columns and rows in grids for higher DPIs
  • Fixed formatting of element documentation parsed from source code
  • Fixed copying and pasting task hierarchies in HTA diagrams
  • Fixed moving class template parameters
  • Fixed application crash when trying to add an existing language to source codes in the Properties dialog
  • Fixed Open API definition generation
  • Fixed saving and loading of some properties of UML Activity Parameter Nodes


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