Create Toolbox Group with Custom Tools

Software Ideas Modeler allows you to create custom toolbox groups with tools from various diagram types.

The Custom tool group is a useful feature that allows you to specify your unique set of tools for each diagram type. This group can contain your favorite tools, which you want to have at the top of the toolbox right after the Common tool group. You can also add tools from other diagram types.

How to Create Custom Tool Group?

If you want to create or modify a custom tool group, right-click on the toolbox to show the context menu and choose the "Modify Custom Group..." menu item. It shows the editor that allows you to edit the tools in the custom group. You can define different tools for each diagram type. The editor shows the diagram type for which the custom tool group is edited. The diagram type of the currently edited diagram is set by default. You can change the diagram type to other diagram types and specify the custom tools also for them without closing the dialog.

Custom tool group editor
Custom tool group editor

To add a new tool to the custom group, choose the desired tool (or tools) from the list on the right and click on the Add button. You can also search for the tool by its name in the search box above the list. The tools are grouped by the diagram types they are defined. If you want to add several tools at once, check them using the checkboxes on the left of their names.

If you want to remove a tool from the custom group, select the tool in the left list and click on the Remove button.

If you prefer another order of the tools in the custom group, you can use the Up and Down buttons (placed on the right of the list at the bottom).

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