Field Patterns Sidebar

Field Patterns sidebar allows you to apply existing field patterns to elements, add new custom field patterns or delete the existing ones.

There are two ways how to show Field Patterns sidebar:

  • Clicking on Field Patterns button ( ) in the sidebar.
  • Using menu View / Sidebars / Field Patterns

Field Pattern Applying

You can apply a field pattern to the selected element(s) by double-clicking on the name of the field pattern in the list or by clicking on Apply button ( ). If you apply the field pattern, program will add the attributes and operations defined by this pattern to the selected element(s) (mostly classes).

New Field Pattern

You can create your own field pattern based on fields of an existing element. Click on New Pattern button and Create Field Pattern dialog will show. You have to set the name (1) of the new pattern and you can optionally define its description (2). You can also add it to a catalog (3). The content of the pattern is defined in the bottom Fields list. You can choose which fields you want to add to the pattern using checkboxes in the first column (4). The new pattern will be saved after clicking OK button (7) or discarded if you click on Cancel button (8).

Create Field Pattern Dialog
Create Field Pattern dialog

Delete Field Pattern

If you want to delete an existing field pattern use the Delete button. The program will ask before deleting the selected pattern. This action cannot be undone.

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