Diagramming Experience with Enhanced Usability - Software Ideas Modeler 13.99

The release of Software Ideas Modeler version 13.99 brings numerous enhancements and bug fixes that make the diagramming process more efficient. With new features like reordering groups in the toolbox and putting strokes into a separate layer, users can now customize their diagramming experience to better suit their needs. We are confident that this latest version will continue to empower users to create professional, visually appealing diagrams with ease.

Reorder Groups in the Toolbox - The latest version introduces the ability to reorder groups in the toolbox using the context menu. Now, you can quickly move groups up or down the list to suit your preferences and streamline your workflow.

Put Strokes into a Separate Layer - Version 13.99 adds a new diagramming setting that allows users to put strokes into a separate layer or handle them as any other diagramming element. This functionality provides additional flexibility when working with freehand strokes in complex diagrams.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.99
Software Ideas Modeler 13.99

New Features and Improvements

  • Groups in the toolbox can be reordered (context menu - Move Up and Move Down)
  • New diagram editor setting: Put strokes into a separate layer

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed scrolling tabs to left after minimizing and maximizing the window
  • Fixed some issues in the XMI import
  • Fixed turning off the auto size of elements in Options
  • Fixed putting strokes into containers
  • Fixed drawing to an inactive layer when merging all layer
  • Fixed application crash when navigating up in the list of CRC card fields
  • Fixed application crash after undoing and redoing element conversion


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