Data Sources Sidebar

The Data Sources Sidebar in Software Ideas Modeler is a dedicated pane providing a user-friendly interface for managing data sources and their bindings within your project. It serves as a central hub where you can add, modify, and process data sources and establish connections between data sources and modeling elements in your projects.

Accessing Data Sources Sidebar

Accessing the Data Sources sidebar can be achieved by clicking the Data Source button located in the sidebar header. Alternatively, you can quickly open it by pressing CTRL+Q and typing "Data Sources" into the quick action box.

Data Sources Sidebar
Data Sources Sidebar


The toolbar is located at the top area of the sidebar. It features several buttons allowing users to perform various actions related to data sources and bindings:

  • Add Data Source: Initiates the process of adding a new data source.
  • Add Binding: Enables the user to create a binding for the selected data source.
  • Edit: Allows modifications to the selected Data Source or Data Binding.
  • Delete: Removes the chosen Data Source or Data Binding.
  • Process: Performs the transformation action of the selected data binding using the refreshed imported data.
  • Process All: Processes all defined data sources, refreshing the project targets with the imported data.

Data Sources Tree

Below the toolbar, the data sources tree is located. It offers an organized hierarchical view of all the added data sources and their respective data bindings as subnodes. This tree structure provides a clear and instant overview of the existing data connections in your project, facilitating quick navigation and management.

Interacting with the Sidebar

Adding and Managing Data Sources

Clicking on the Add Data Source button opens a dialog where users can select the type of data source and fill in the required details. Once a data source is added, it will appear in the data sources tree. Users can further manage these sources by selecting them and using the appropriate buttons from the toolbar.

Data Bindings

Creating a binding is feasible by selecting a data source and clicking the Add Binding button. Existing bindings can be edited or deleted using the corresponding buttons when selected from the data sources tree.

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