Relationship Direction Visualization

Relationship direction visualization is a potent feature in Software Ideas Modeler that facilitates a clearer understanding of element relationships within diagrams. By using this feature, users can swiftly distinguish between incoming and outgoing relationships, thereby streamlining the analysis process.

Software Ideas Modeler provides an intuitive feature - relationship direction visualization - allowing users to easily differentiate between incoming relationships and outgoing relationships. This feature highlights the relationships for the active selected element this way:

  • Incoming relationships are depicted in green.
  • Outgoing relationships are depicted in red.

Enable/Disable Relationship Direction Visualization

  • Go to the "File" menu in the ribbon interface (or to the "Tools" menu in the class menu interface) and select the "Options" item.
  • Within the Options dialog, navigate to the "Diagram Editor" section.
  • Inside the Diagram Editor section, find the "General" group and locate the "Highlight references" option.
  • Check the box to enable Direction Visualization or uncheck to disable it.
  • After adjusting the setting according to your preference, click "OK" to apply the changes.

Utilizing Relationship Direction Visualization Feature

Once the feature is enabled, open a diagram and select an element to activate the direction visualization.

The selected element will exhibit highlighted relationships; Incoming in green and outgoing in red.

This feature allows you to evaluate the highlighted relationships to understand the interactions of the selected element:

  • Green highlights signify elements that are influencing the selected element.
  • Red highlights signify elements that are influenced by the selected element.
Relationship direction highlight
Relationship direction highlight

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