Software Ideas Modeler 14.02 - Enhanced Field Editing in Diagram Editor

The latest release of Software Ideas Modeler offers advanced field editing and navigation for ERD relationships, associations, and UML pins. This update further bolsters software stability by addressing and resolving multiple issues.

This Release Highlights

Optimized Field Navigation: The TAB key functionality has been revamped to provide smoother navigation between specific fields. This makes data entry and field transition seamless and effortless.

Relationship field navigation using TAB keys
Relationship field navigation using TAB keys

Revamped UML Pin Editing: The diagram editor has seen a significant upgrade concerning the UML Pin. Users can now directly edit type, multiplicity, ordering, and uniqueness

Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • Navigation between ERD relationship fields using TAB and arrow keys
  • Improved navigation between some fields using the TAB key
  • Improved UML Pin editing in the diagram editor (direct editing for type, multiplicity, ordering, and uniqueness)
  • New icon for glossary terms

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed application crash when generating code for changes (e.g. SQL DDL - Changes)
  • Fixed application crash when choosing an incorrect type of owner in the Properties dialog
  • Fixed alignment of UML Activity Parameter Nodes after moving the Activity node
  • Fixed application crash when opening Field Browser
  • Fixed saving the displaying of attributes and operations for UML Artifacts
  • Fixed setting attributes/operations visibility for some classifier element types
  • Fixed displaying UML Activity as a classifier
  • Fixed inserting timeline elements into Timeline Diagram using the toolbox
  • Fixed updating shapes of nested blocks in the diagram editor when changing the default shape
  • Fixed label positioning for rotated labeled elements
  • Fixed application crash when trying to set operations to UML Actor using the Fast Editor sidebar
  • Fixed error when loading a project with UML Transition Triggers, saved in an older version of the software [RQ#2731]
  • Fixed rendering thumbnails for Folder Overview to asynchronous evaluation
  • Fixed application crash for choosing diagram in data mapping


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