Software Ideas Server Setup

Server provides support for user cooperation, global repository and tasks.

1. Downloading the Software:

2. Extracting the ZIP Package:

  • Once the download is complete, locate the ZIP package on your computer.
  • Extract the contents of the ZIP package to your preferred location, for instance, "C:\SoftwareIdeasServer".

3. Configuring the Server Settings:

  • Open the file named SoftwareIdeasServer.dll.config.
    • ServiceUrl: The default value is set to http://localhost:8080. You can either retain the port or specify a different one as per your requirements.
    • RepositoryPath: Define the directory path where the repository files will be stored on the server.
    • LogPath: Specify the directory path where the server logs will be saved.

Ensure that all specified paths (repository and log) are accessible by the user account under which the Software Ideas Server operates.

4. Installing the .NET Framework 7:

5. Launching the Server:

  • Execute the SoftwareIdeasServer.exe file to run the Software Ideas Server.

6. Accessing the Server Console:

  • Once the Software Ideas Server service is active, open Software Ideas Modeler.

Navigate to the "Global" ribbon and select the "Start Server Console" button located in the "Server" group.

7. Integrating with Software Ideas Modeler:

  • Access Software Ideas Modeler's settings:
    • For the ribbon interface: Navigate to the "File" menu and select "Options".
    • For the classic menu interface: Click on the "Tools" menu, followed by "Options".
  • In the "Options" dialog, proceed to the "Server" tab.
  • Select a client mode from the following options: "Both - prefer local," "Both - prefer server," or "Only server." It's recommended to use "Both - prefer server."
  • Define the server address as:
  • Ensure this matches the ServiceUrl set in step 3.

8. Logging into the Server:

  • When you access the server, a login dialog will prompt you for credentials.
  • Enter the following default administrator credentials. For security reasons, it's recommended to change these after your initial login:
    • Login: admin
    • Password: SimAdmin123

9. Further Reading:

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