Efficient Nested Packages

Nested package diagrams are crucial for representing complex structures in a clear and organized manner. In this tutorial, we demonstrate the process of creating a package with uniformly sized nested packages, arranged in a table layout in Software Ideas Modeler. This method is ideal for maintaining clarity and consistency in large-scale models.

The right organization and management of packages impact the efficiency and clarity of your diagrams and projects. The following steps shows how to work with nested packages in an efficient way.

Step 1: Creating a Root Package

  • Create a new root package. This will be the primary container for your nested packages.
  • Name your root package appropriately to reflect its role in your model.

Step 2: Adding the First Nested Package

  • Locate the 'Package' tool in your toolbox.
  • Drag and drop to add your first nested package within the root package.
  • If the initial size does not fit your diagram perfectly, resize it manually to your desired dimensions.

Step 3: Setting a Default Size for Packages

  • To ensure uniformity, right-click on the resized package.
  • Select 'Default Size', then 'Set by Selected' from the context menu.
  • This action sets the default dimensions for all future packages you create, ensuring they have the same size.

Step 4: Adding Additional Nested Packages

  • Continue adding more packages to your root package.
  • With the default size set, each new package you add will automatically match the size of the first package.
  • Add as many nested packages as needed for your diagram.

Step 5: Organizing Packages in a Table Layout

  • Once all nested packages are in place, it's time to organize them.
  • Select the root package.
  • Right-click and choose 'Container Layout', then select 'Table' from the context menu.

This action arranges your nested packages into a neat table layout, enhancing the readability and structure of your diagram.

Step 6: Proportional Resizing

  • Resize your root package as needed. You will notice that the nested packages adjust their size proportionally, maintaining their layout and coverage within the root package.
  • This feature allows for dynamic adjustments while preserving the diagram's integrity.

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