Reorder diagrams in Model Overview and adjust content for documentation

Version 6.85 gives you a better control over documentation generation and allows you to adjust the order of diagrams in Model Overview window. Overall there is more than 10 new features and improvements and 6 fixed bugs.


New version allows you to choose a custom order of models, diagrams and elements for the generated documentation. You can also set which items will be included to the documentation. These options are available in the Content tab in Generate Documentation dialog

Documentation Generation - Content Tab

Now you can also change the order of diagrams in Model Overview window. Just drag a diagram and drop it on a new place.

Model Overview - Diagram Reordering

Element Browsers was improved in several respects. Icons (known from project tree) for elements were added, so you can better visually distinguish the individual types. New Type column was added and the original Type column was renamed to System Type.

Element Browser - New Columns

New features and improvements

  • Added content settings for generation of documentation and interactive documentation
    • Allowed to choose items for generation
    • Allowed to reorder items
  • Diagrams in Model Overview window can be reordered
  • Added Set as Default to context menu in Styles panel
  • Added alert before replacing the current style set with a new style set
  • Background color of diagram copied to bitmap set to white [RQ#343]
  • Added icons to project tree in source code generation dialog
  • Added element type icons to Element Browser
  • Column Type in Element Browser renamed to System Type and added Type column with type name
  • Template evaluator enumerates diagrams and models by their order in project tree
  • Added auto size of grid column after double click on column separator

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed text color for hover items in layer list in Layer sidebar
  • Fixed diagram refresh after setting a new empty style set
  • Fixed source code generation (if you didn't select a whole diagram only some elements, nothing was generated)
  • Fixed image size in generated documentation
  • Fixed resetting of column widths in Element Browser after each refresh
  • Fixed ordering by column after each column resize in grid


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