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This tutorial will guide you through the various zoom options available in Software Ideas Modeler, ensuring you can efficiently manage your viewing preferences to suit your modeling needs.

Software Ideas Modeler offers a versatile and user-friendly platform for creating detailed diagrams and models. An essential feature of this software is its zoom functionality, which enhances user experience by allowing detailed work and easier navigation within the workspace. This tutorial will cover various methods to zoom in and out of your diagrams, including the use of the ribbon, menu, zoom bar, mouse wheel, and the Zoom tool.

Accessing Zoom Functions

The zoom features in Software Ideas Modeler can be accessed through two primary interfaces:

  • Ribbon: View tab / Zoom group
  • Menu: View / Zoom

Both paths lead to the same zoom options, which include:

  • Zoom 1:1: Sets the zoom level to 100%, displaying the diagram at its actual size.
  • Fit To Window: Adjusts the zoom level so that the entire diagram fits within the application window.
  • Fit To Width: Zooms in or out to fit the diagram width to the width of the application window.
  • Fit To Height: Adjusts the zoom to fit the diagram height to the height of the application window.
  • Overview Zoom: A zoom setting that, when activated, adjusts the font size of diagram elements to ensure readability as you zoom out.

Zoom Bar

Located in the right bottom corner of the status bar, the zoom bar is a convenient tool for quickly adjusting the zoom level. Features of the zoom bar include:

  • Combo Box: You can directly enter a zoom percentage into the combo box or select from predefined options in the dropdown list. The combo box displays the current zoom level in percent.
  • Slider: Situated to the left of the combo box, the slider allows for smooth zoom adjustments. Accompanying the slider are two buttons: a minus (-) button for zooming out (located on the left) and a plus (+) button for zooming in (on the right).

Mouse Wheel Zoom

For quick zoom adjustments, you can use the mouse wheel while holding down the CTRL key. This method allows for seamless zooming in and out, facilitating easy navigation and detail work within your diagrams.

Zoom Tool

The Zoom tool, found in the Common group of the toolbox, offers additional zooming methods:

  • Zoom In: Left-click with the mouse to zoom in on a specific area.
  • Zoom Out: Right-click to zoom out, providing a broader view of your diagram.
  • Zoom Rectangle: For precision zooming, click and hold to mark one corner of your desired zoom area, then drag diagonally to specify the zoom rectangle's size. Release the mouse button to zoom into the selected area.

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