Copying and Moving Attributes Between UML Classes

This comprehensive guide explains how to efficiently copy and move attributes between classes in Software Ideas Modeler. This capability allows you to duplicate specific attributes across multiple classes without the need for manual re-entry, thus streamlining the modeling process.

Copying or Moving a Single Attribute

  • Identify the Source Attribute: Locate the class that contains the attribute you wish to copy. Find the grip (a small dotted area designed for interaction) on the right side of the attribute row in the class element.
  • Initiate Move/Copy Action: Click and hold the grip associated with the attribute you intend to copy.
  • Drag Attribute to Target Class: While holding the mouse button, drag the attribute towards the class where you wish to replicate it.
  • Move without CTRL Key Pressed or Copy with CTRL Key: Before releasing the mouse button, press and hold the CTRL key. This step is crucial for copying the attribute. If the CTRL key is not held, the attribute will be moved rather than copied. Release the mouse button while still holding down the CTRL key to drop the attribute into the target class.

Copying or Moving Multiple Attributes

  • Select Attributes: In the source class, select multiple attributes by clicking on one attribute and then using the CTRL key for additional individual selections or the SHIFT key to select a contiguous range of attributes.
  • Drag Selected Attributes: After selection, click and hold the grip of one of the highlighted attributes to start the drag action.
  • Drop Attributes to Copy or Move: Drag the selected attributes to the target class. Hold the CTRL key before releasing the mouse button to copy the attributes. Releasing the mouse button without holding the CTRL will move the attributes.

Copying or Moving Attributes Across Diagrams

  • Open Target Diagram: If the class where you want to move or copy attributes is in a different diagram, open it by clicking its node in the Project tree.
  • Return to Source Diagram: Go back to the diagram that contains the source class with the attributes you wish to copy or move.
  • Select and Drag Attributes: Select the desired attributes. Drag them toward the tab of the open target diagram. Pause briefly as the software automatically switches to the target diagram.
  • Finalize the Move or Copy: Continue dragging the attributes into the target class in the new diagram. Remember to hold the CTRL key to copy the attributes. Releasing the attributes without holding CTRL will move them.

Video Tutorial

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