Better Use Cases and Work with Model

Version 7.30 improves use cases and enhances handling with shared elements.

Use Cases with New Fields

Use cases are much better than in the previous versions. Several new fields were added - state, scope, level, minimal guarantees, success guarantees, triggers.

Improved use cases

Add Existing Connection using Drag&Drop Context Menu

Drag with the right mouse button from an element (with shared model) to an empty space and add relationships defined in the model.

Add existing connection

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved Use Cases
    • Added State, Scope, Level, Minimal Guarantees, Success Guarantees, Triggers
    • Relative prioritizing in use case list
    • Each use case can be open in separate tab
    • Added button for adding new use cases from Use Cases window
    • Added context menu for use case list in Use Cases window (Definition, Delete, Higher Priority, Lower Priority)
    • Added type of flow event
    • Reordering of flow of events
  • Added new option 'Add Existing Connection' to drag&drop context menu
  • Added command for adding missing relationships from model to diagram (Diagram/Add All Relationships by Model) [RQ#360]
  • Added 'Add Missing Relationships' to context menu for diagram elements
  • Smoother opening of tab for new diagram
  • If you drag relationships from one diagram to other it will be added also with connected elements
  • Improved delete confirmation dialog
    • Diagrams (where a deleted element is used) are displayed collapsed below the row with deleting element
    • Added element icons
  • Showing delete confirmation dialog when deleting multiple elements from project tree
  • New element is centered on the drop point

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed showing transitions from dragged element to hover element in context menu when they are not in the same diagram
  • Fixed rendering of texts in diagrams for diferrent DPIs
  • Fixed small menu strip jumping when switching between tabs
  • Fixed collapsing and expanding of nested rows in grid
  • Fixed cancelling selection when using context bar button on group of selected elements


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