Useful improvements in version 7.40

Innovation continues with the new version 7.40. It brings more than dozen improvements. You can copy elements faster. Now it is possible to replace the model of an element in a diagram using the new tool.


View element references

Software Ideas Modeler shows an icon with plus for elements which are used multiple times (and shared their model). This multiple usage icon is a clickable button now. If you click on it 'Element References' window will be shown. It contains a list with all occurrences of an element (with coordinates of its position) grouped by parent diagrams. If you double click on an item in the list you will be navigated to the diagram with this item.

Element References

View associated diagrams

An icon with arrow is displayed for elements which have associated diagrams. This icon is also clickable now. If you click on it 'Associated Diagrams' window will be shown. It contains thumbnails of all diagrams associated to the element. If you double click on the diagram thumbnail, you will be navigated to it.

Associated diagrams

Faster copying

If you want to make a copy of an element. Just drag it with right mouse button, press CTRL (for independent copy) or SHIFT (for shared model copy) and drop it. A copy of the dragged element will be added to the diagram on dropped position.

Faster copying

Grid menu

You can set grid spacing much faster now. If you want to set spacing to 10, 15, 20 or 25, you don't need to show Options dialog (Tools/Options), just click on small arrow on the right of grid icon in standard bar and choose the spacing in displayed menu.

Grid menu

Editing object classifier

A classifier of an object can be set without the Properties dialog. Just double-click on the object name, type colon and choose classifier from the displayed drop down list.

Editing object classifier

Sequence message selection

Version 7.40 improves also selection and sizing grips of sequence message. Unnecessary grips were removed.

Sequence message selection

New features and improvements

  • Added floating window with all references of an element accessible using Multiple Usage icon [RQ#316]
  • Added floating window with all associated diagrams for an element accessible using Associated Diagrams icon [RQ#123]
  • Drag & drop using right mouse button and CTRL pressed creates independent copy of dragged element
  • Drag & drop using right mouse button and SHIFT pressed creates copy of dragged element with shared model
  • Added Delete message to toolbox for UML Sequence diagram
  • Added drop down menu to Grid button in standard bar, which allows you to change grid settings
  • Added Duplicate action to context menu in project tree
  • Added Replace Element Model to Element menu
  • Improved selection grips of sequence message
  • Showing stereotypes and tagged values for sequence messages
  • Classifier of object (UML Object diagram) can be edited inline
  • Added auto complete for classifiers of objects (UML Object diagram)
  • Renamed sequence diagram tools

Fixed bug

  • Fixed renaming of lifeline using double click on its name



SplinterX 10 June 2014 3:45:55

I tried to make state-machine diagramm only right now, and i don't know since winch version it work that way.

problem... it's not even possible to create such diagramm!!!

here how it should look for example

do you understand that there's no way to do sm diagramm at all!!?? ))) actually i have to create mix type of diagramm and use calss instead state for making something similar to state!!!

another example

instead normal state we have something like that dont even know what state region is, but the first one just cover state name. and the first one also take all size of state (for some reason??!!) and state can be sekected only at project tree.

Dusan Rodina - 10 June 2014 11:42:46


State regions allows defining complex composite states. Name overlapping is a bug, which I will fix, but it does not prevent you to create state machine diagrams as on attached pictures.

Here is an example:

If you want to set entry and exit action, you need to go to the Properties dialog - right click on state, choose Properties from the context menu and switch to State tab.

SplinterX 10 June 2014 12:24:35


Such kind of thing never be in properties. it's too important for being in properties, it have to be in help menu (i don't know how it called), when "add region".

SplinterX 10 June 2014 15:20:50


Also moving elements happens strange way.

SIM make me do it only this way. it takes some extra actions that exosting. (small video file)

Dusan Rodina - 10 June 2014 15:43:50


Thanks for your notice. It's issue of rectangular relationships. I will fix it soon.

Anonymous 13 June 2014 17:32:03

Please hurry up. Without normal moving, work in SIM is pretty slow.

Dusan Rodina - 14 June 2014 12:48:43


It will be released tomorrow or on Monday.

SplinterX 15 June 2014 23:34:06

I suppose it's not hard to add portunity to set ReadOnly to selected diagram in tree view. also after duplicating i don't want to see colapsed elements.

SplinterX 16 June 2014 0:32:26


Line behavior still crazy too long from version to version.

Dusan Rodina - 17 June 2014 9:58:29


It was fixed in version 7.45. There are also other improvements of relationships.

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