Improved states and much more in version 7.45

Version 7.45 brings 11 improvements and fixes 12 bugs.

New features and improvements

  • Added hover and selection highlight for sequence messages
  • Applying cap size parameter of style to circle of found and lost sequence message
  • Improved rendering of arrow in lost sequence message
  • Added allowed transition between state and composite state
  • State actions can be added from context bar
  • Allowed to set precise position of relationship ends on another relationship
  • State actions can be navigated using up and down keys
  • State actions can be moved and copied
  • State actions can be removed using context menu
  • Better grid for state actions
  • Improved auto locking of ends of relationship

Fixed bugs

  • Changed icon for button Add region in context bar
  • Fixed application crash when dragging self message over lifeline
  • Fixed adjusting of end point of sequence found and lost message
  • Fixed snapping to last auto snap lines displayed before pressing SHIFT
  • Fixed region overlapping with name in State (UML State Machine diagram)
  • Fixed applying of text alignment for states
  • Fixed application crash when adjusting rectangular relationship with unassigned end
  • Fixed moving of rectangular relationship when moving group of elements
  • Fixed focus when try to edit a cell of a table
  • Fixed clipping of overflowing content of CRC card
  • Fixed overlapping of table rows and columns after resizing (Documentation editor)
  • Fixed attaching of rectangular relationship to another relationship


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