Version 7.60 with Single Click Editing, Improved Documentation

The new version includes 25 new features and improvements and fixes found bugs.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added new documentation template - Use Cases
  • Improved custom diagrams - added element icons
  • Single click editing of element names and fields
  • Added setting for single and double click renaming
  • Improved source code generation - generation of class fields from associations
  • Structured flow events of a use case can be pasted from an external text editor
  • Added new template commands
    • Class: AllAttributes
    • Matrix: ColumnHeaders, Cells, GetCell, MatrixTypeName, Roles, RowHeaders
    • MatrixRole: Code, DefaultColor, DisplayName, Name, TooltipText
    • MatrixCell: Code, Roles
    • SysMLRequirement: Text, Description
    • UseCase: DesignScopeIcon, GoalLevelIcon, StateIcon
  • Added parameters to template command Diagram.Image(width,height)
  • Editing guard of control flow directly in diagram
  • Easier locking of end points of relationship to exact position for narrow elements
  • Improved layout and rendering of Signal Receipt and Signal Send (UML Activity Diagram)
  • Added support for deleting last word using CTRL+Backspace to text box in diagram editor
  • Changed menu short keys with CTRL+ALT combination
  • Supported generation of joined tables in documentation
  • Add Collaborator and Add Responsibility buttons in context bar for CRC card were swapped [RQ#372]
  • Improved zooming of thumbnails in model overview
  • Increased maximum size of diagram thumbnails to 640x480
  • Optimized size of saved documentation
  • Added support for page breaks to HTML, ODT export
  • Added support for text indentation to ODT, RTF export
  • Added support for line spacing to HTML, ODT, RTF export
  • Added support for cell background color to RTF export
  • Added support for bulleted lists to ODT, RTF export
  • Small adjustments in Default document template
  • Added info message box instead of error box when file is locked by another process and generated documentation cannot be saved

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed deleting parameters (text) of transition from diagram
  • Fixed updating layout of transition label after setting new text
  • Fixed rendering generated content of PDF tables
  • Fixed rendering border of RTF tables
  • Fixed application crash when try to add a new graphic
  • Fixed rare application crash when zooming model overview
  • Fixed application crash when resizing table in document editor
  • Fixed focus in multiple input dialogs - input box is focused on start now
  • Fixed showing edited cell in grid after removing row this cell
  • Fixed remembering of expanding state of event flow grid
  • Fixed size of table columns and rows in RTF, PDF export
  • Fixed auto size of elements with displayed custom ID, parent name, stereotypes and/or tagged values
  • Fixed auto size of packages, requirements, objects, states
  • Fixed applying padding to state
  • Fixed export button in Documentation form
  • Fixed escaping of special characters in HTML export of documentation


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