Diagram Frames, Splitting Relationship using Element

Version 7.70 includes many interesting improvements as relationship splitting, better renaming or added diagram frames. It also fixes found bugs.

Relationship Splitting

If you want to add element between two other elements and you want to connect the new element with both these elements using a relationship which connects these two elements, it is simple to do now. Just drag a new element to the relationship.

Relationship Splitting Example

Diagram Frame

This new version of Software Ideas Modeler can render diagram frames also with a header. UML diagrams can contain parameters too.

Diagram Frame

New Features and Improvements

  • Elements can be added inside the relationship while the relationship is splitted into two parts
  • Showing documentation as a tooltip when you move cursor over diagram elements
  • Added diagram frame
    • Show/hide frame
    • Frame types (for UML diagrams)
    • Parameters and result type (for UML diagrams)
  • Improved renaming [RQ#244]
    • Changing guard instead of name for interaction operand
    • Changing constraint value instead of name for duration constrain
    • Disabled showing name edit box for elements with hidden name
  • Added support for editing of documentation of attributes and operation directly from diagram editor [RQ#375]
  • Added 'break' interaction operator for fragment
  • Added option to print a range of pages
  • Added information about elements with edited documentation in Documentation sidebar
  • Added required interface tool to class diagram toolbox
  • Added break fragment tool to sequence diagram toolbox

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed rendering of swimlanes after loading a project
  • Fixed locking of relationship end to small element
  • Fixed refreshing of label position of activity final node when moving
  • Fixed wrong position of nested elements in container after copying and pasting to the same diagram [RQ#377]
  • Fixed non-implemented processing of number of copies parameter in Print dialog [RQ#378]
  • Fixed snapping to snap lines when adding a new element using context menu after right drag&drop
  • Fixed active class notation to conform to UML specification
  • Fixed not showing context menu when right drag&drop an element without specified connections


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